PYRAMIS proudly announces its new production plant of granite sinks! - 29/05/2014

Simply following its legacy and vision, and utilizing the company’s long-term experience, Pyramis added to the group production facilities a new contemporary production plant of granite sinks.           

The new production plant is located at the industrial zone of Kilkis, in Northern Greece, on a terrain of 16,000m2. Production facilities cover 4000m2, where the most technologically advanced machinery is installed. The new factory employs 40 people.  Representing an initial investment of more than €1 million, the new factory has a production capacity that can exceed 40,000 sinks. 

The innovative technology ensures increased resistance to impact, resistance to thermal shocks and prevents discoloration. All Pyragranite sinks offer a Lifetime Guarantee. Furthermore, the result of technical innovation and high quality materials is aesthetic granite sinks, of unique and modern lines, combined with ultimate functionality.      

In addition, all granite sinks produced by the newly introduced factory are certified according to the EN13310 normative.